We have a good grasp of the local property market trends and relevant laws and regulations. Help you eliminate future legal worries from the time the lease is drawn up, and display the value of the property professionally and efficiently.


We use the information technology of the new era to help customers keep abreast of the development of the property, efficient and transparent information flow with our dynamic and young team, to help you solve any needs at any time. The property situation is always under your control.


We are deeply involved in the field of property management, constantly polishing and improving our business level, focusing on providing the highest quality and reliable services in Metro Vancouver, providing one-stop property services from consulting, leasing, management, and litigation platforms.

Real estate management

More than ten years of property rental management experience has helped us continuously improve our humanized professional services. Choose Youyi, no matter if you are in the south or north of the country, you can understand the dynamics of your house the first time, without your personal presence, we will handle all the troubles of property maintenance and repair on your behalf. At the same time, many years of service experience also allows us to complete proper and efficient communication when docking both parties to maintain your interests and privacy.

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Litigation dispute

Our team has been following up the latest housing leasing laws and regulations in real time. Which helped us complete rigorous compliance operations, protect and safeguard your legitimate rights and interests to the maximum extent from the formulation of the lease. In dealing with difficult issues such as economic claims, property rights, and use rights disputes, and avoiding being affected by improper lease unilateral behavior, we also have a wealth of legal experience to help you for the disputes.

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Latest News

Here we can help you collect the latest and most comprehensive B.C. province property laws and regulations, first-hand housing rental market trends and reasonable suggestions and analysis.

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